Over the years I am into music, I have always tried to explore ways of encapsulating my general experience and my music references into a personal soundstyle. Most probably due to my engineering background, I think of music as a construction of flowing improvisations, a universe of evolving emotions and ideas that are tied together through a form. In my music I always try to explore such forms as well as supporting harmonies in order to use them as a basis for creative improvisation.

The key point is that each member of the band shares this approach and contributes complementary to the creation of a unique and clear sound. At least this is the target and I feel that I have reached most of it with my wonderful collaborators in this project. George got into the music from the very first moment and not only enriched it with his amazing guitar playing but also added his personal sound to many parts of the arrangements. The same stands for Xrisostomos and Nikos who in addition created a perfectly smooth environment for me and George to develop our lines and ideas.

I feel blessed that I had the chance to express my music through these magnificent guys

Aris Papadopoulos

Aris Papadopoulos was born in Athens, Greece in 1968. He studied piano and harmony at the National Conservatory of Athens and jazz piano next to Pantelis Benetatos and George Kontrafouris. He had brief lessons with jazz pianist and composer John Hicks in New York, USA. He is an active jazz pianist since 2002. In 2004 he formed the ISOMORPHIC trio in which he started experimenting with original tunes and compositions. Since then, he has shared the scene with many artists from the local scene including Dimitris Lazaridis (g), George Roulos (b), Stephanos Chytiris (d), Eleni Valenti (v), Nikos Papavranousis (d), Grigoris Theodoridis (b) and many more and performed in the local scene and Jazz festivals with many bands both as leader or side man. In 2014 he created the Aris Papadopoulos quartet and presented it in December 2015 for the first time at the Hellenic Radio and Television (ERT) in the program “Jazz in the City”.  In parallel to music, he is an Assistant Professor of Structural Mechanics in the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

George Stavroulakis

George Stavroulakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1978. He studied privately jazz guitar with Yannis Ekmektsoglou and Yiotis Samaras and had private lessons or attended clinics from various renowned musicians including Allan Holdsworth, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Mike Moreno. From 2006 until today he is an active musician in the local scene as a band leader, a sideman and session recording artist and have shared the scene with artists from the local and international scene including Jay Rodriguez, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Pete Lockett, Tammy Scheffer, Sam Marlieri , etc. Along with being a member of Aris Papadopoulos quartet, he led jazz trio O3 as well as his own trio (http://play.thegoat.gr). He is also a member of the electric jazz trio TRIPLICITY (http://www.triplicityband.com) where he experiments also with guitar synths. He has played in many festivals in Greece and abroad, including the International Jazz Day festival in Ukraine and the Jazz at the Park festival held in Athens. He has been showcased as an artist on national radio, national TV and abroad at the national television of Ukraine and Cyprus, both as an artist and as a sideman. He has been awarded at the international jazz festival “Master-Jam” as the best guitar performance, on June 2013. He is also a Research Associate in Computational Mechanics at NTUA.

Chrysostomos Boukalis

Chrysostomos Boukalis was born in Germany in 1968. He studied at the modern Music School of NAKAS conservatory and had private lessons of double-bass with the classical bassist Takis Kapogiannis and electrical bass with George Zikogiannis. He is an active musician since 2006 as a band leader, a sideman and session recording artist and have shared the scene with various artists from the local and international scene including kemençe artist Deryan Türkay, Takis Barberis, Kostas Baltazanis, Nasia Goffa, traditional clarinet artist Petroloukas Chalkias etc. He has led ANAKATA Jazz quartet, NOTALIBRE Latin band, and participated in STROVILI ethnic jazz quintet, Harris Lambrakis Ney Quartet, World Dog project, etc. He has also participated in the orchestra of  contemporary music of the Hellenic Radio and Television (ERT).

Nikos Sidirokastritis

Nikos Sidirokastritis was born on 1963 in Athens, Greece. He had private lessons with N. Korantzinos at the higher percussion school of the Athens Conservatory, special harmony and counterpoint with V. Kokkoris, as well as  jazz drums with John Floros. He is an active performer and session recording artist in a large number of projects. He has shared the scene with a large number of artists from the local and international scene. He is currently participating in Harris Lambrakis Ney quartet, Grigoris Danis Guitar trio, Haig Yazdjian oud group and Grigoris Mamalakis traditional Cretan lyra group. Hi is a Professor of drums at the LAB Modern Music School since 1994.

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